Casamania bookshelf

Urban - Casamania bookshelf

The "L" shaped module measuring 140 x 35 cm can be used in any position. A system without hooks or joints which allows the user to create walls, screens, horizontal and vertical elements; angles, benches, entertainment systems - everything that comes to mind. The niches carved out of the piece underline the monolithic and solid nature of the Urban shelving unit. A modern piece which stands above the whims of fashion. The infinite possibilities of composition and the vast choice of colours allow the user to create surprising landscapes and furnish her spaces in a dynamic and britght way. The apparent simplicity of the Urban shelving unit contrasts with the technical difficulties encountered in the rotational moulding of a plastic object with large flat surfaces.

Each module is supplied with a transparent plastic belt for possible locking between module and module.


  • W 144 x D 35 x H 88 cm

Materials and finishes

  • Polyethylene

Consult the attachments section to view the available finishes/upholsteries.


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