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AKB_08 - Arrital kitchen

An exclusive project conceived by the capable hands of two expert figures, designer Franco Driusso and chef Andrea Berton, transferring the practicality of a professional kitchen to a domestic environment, enriched by a modern design.
For the first time, a domestic kitchen has been designed and developed in line with needs for high performance and practicality, expressed by a haute cuisine professional, above all without compromising on the clean lines and modular elegance typical of Arrital design. Appliances and the organisation of spaces, accessories and materials have been carefully selected, reflecting the watchful eye of the chef and designer, who worked together on every single aspect of the design, each making their own precious and unique creative contribution.
Design Arch. Franco Driusso

From the artistic union between the chef, Andrea Berton, and Arrital’s designer, the architect, Franco Driusso, a star-studded kitchen

A dual work of art, a crossover of skills resulting in a unique experience: this is AKB_08 by Arrital, the kitchen created by the architect, Franco Driusso, with the insight of the Michelin-star chef, Andrea Berton.
A triumph of technique and passion resulting in an avant-garde kitchen design in which aesthetic discernment is combined with practical details in the kitchen.
Feeling like a chef is simple since AKB_08 by Arrital has become the tangible expression of an encounter between arts.

Arrital AKB_08 rules the household. A combination of features, with a perfect balance between practicality and aesthetic appeal, harmony and functionality, culminating in an innate ability to surprise.
With AKB_08, Arrital turns the kitchen into a treasure trove, commanding your attention with the sensory approach of the chef and the designer’s attention to detail.
The result is an iconic model of creativity and cross-over concepts, stemming from the partnership between the designer, Franco Driusso and the chef, Andrea Berton, to satisfy any life style.

Consult the Attachments section to view the selection of Arrital finishes.

Door type:

A distinctive feature of AkB_08 is the “Floating Core” door and frame in which the aesthetic lightness of origami is combined with the solidity of a sturdy aluminium frame, to stamp a new look on home design. The frame, available in Ardesia and White finishes, allows the application of slim front panels available in numerous lacquered, veneered, Fenix Ntm and Corian finishes.

Door finishes:

Sand lacquered - Glossy lacquered - Soft-touch lacquered - Oxidized lacquered - Metal lacquered

  • Sand lacquered - selected colours + RAL 
  • Glossy lacquered - selected colours + RAL 
  • Soft-touch lacquered -  Bianco, Mandorla, Ardesia, Nero, Arena, Grigio Fine
  • Oxidized lacquered - Acciaio, Bronzo, Piombo, Ghisa, Ottone, Gold
  • Metal lacquered - Rame, Grafite, Champagne, Brown


  • Fenix NTM - Bianco Kos
  • Fenix NTM - Piombo Doha
  • Fenix NTM - Titanio Doha
  • Fenix NTM - Bronzo Doha
  • Fenix NTM - Nero Ingo


  • Wood - Tissue Nordic
  • Wood - Tissue Elite
  • Wood - Tissue Tecno
  • Wood - Noce Canaletto 
  • Wood - Eucalipto Grigio
  • Wood - Olmo Naturale
  • Wood - Castagno Fumé


  • Corian - Glacier White

Structure finishes:

  • White
  • Steel Grey
  • Graphite

Insert finishes:

  • Sand lacquered (selected colours + RAL) 
  • Glossy lacquered (selected colours + RAL)
  • Soft-touch lacquered
  • Oxidized lacquered
  • Metal lacquered
  • Fenix NTM
  • Wood

Pvc plinth finishes (H 8-10 cm):

  • Canaletto Walnut covered
  • Chestnut covered
  • Ebony covered

Plinth finishes (H 6-8-10 cm):

  • White lacquered
  • Anodized Satin
  • Anodized Champagne
  • Anodized Burnished
  • Steel
  • Sand lacquered (selected colours + RAL) 
  • Glossy lacquered (selected colours + RAL)
  • Soft-touch lacquered
  • Oxidized lacquered
  • Metal lacquered
  • Canaletto walnut covered
  • Chestnut covered

Please contact us for customized solution.
Our interior designer are always on your disposal to give you ideas and suggestions to help you furnishing your kitchen with style.

The kitchen is not just a place where you eat food. It is a space where your rituals unfold. The ritual of living. It is K (itchen) Culture.

A project designed to welcome taste experiences as well as emotions and beauty. High class. Exclusive. The culture of a space designed to be a place of intimacy as well as a place for convivial gatherings.

Arrital is also K(itchen) Future, the new and exclusive service with which Arrital guarantees assistance to the kitchen for 10 years, offering a whole range of performance relating to the product or to your home. A relationship does not end upon purchase, but continues through the years with the support, dialogue, confrontation.

In Arrital the idea behind a modern kitchen builds up with its modules, in the dialogue between large surfaces and containing elements, in the balance between innovative materials and finishes that like to surprise. Arrital modern kitchens are the outcome of an instinct to look for constant evolution and a new form of design, elegant, pleasant but always attentive to functionality and ergonomics. Sinuous lines or straight determined ones, delicate mix of lights or bright lacquered colours, changing shapes or pure volumes design the new living space. A modern space by the intense personality able to satisfy the aesthetic needs of the most demanding. Modules by the wide range of colours, finishes, materials and accessories let you personalize each and every kitchen.


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