Giusti Portos kitchen

Epoque - Giusti Portos kitchen
The recipe of the excellence

Classical and decorative kitchen for an elegant and exclusive living.
A distinctive, one-of-a-kind kitchen that conjures up a very classic ambience.
The kitchen appears in all its beauty. The work is based on traditional hand craftsmanship.
Gorgeous decorations and precious materials, bronze mirrors and elegant finishes round out a range that fits in perfectly with other elements
from the Maison Giusti Portos collections, offering the possibility of giving a harmoniously uniform style to the entire home.

Door type:

  • Wood door - door with wood internal panel
  • Mirror door - door with mirror internal panel
  • Glass door - door with glass internal panel
  • Two doors with wood internal panel, vertical cut
  • Two doors with mirror internal panel, vertical cut

Structure finish:

  • Structure in EO class, ice melamine finish
  • Structure in EO class, graphite oak melamine finish

Door finish:


  • A03 avorio caldo 
  • A05 moon 
  • A21 burro laccato lucido
  • A22 dune


  • B22 cameo craquelet
  • B27 avorio craquelet
  • B34 bianco craquelet
  • B40 ebano
  • B52 neve
  • B93 avorio ceramizzato
  • B57 cameo
  • B94 grigio fumo
  • B65 greige
  • B70 nocciola dorato

Mirror and glass finish:

  • S01 specchio naturale
  • S04 specchio bronzo
  • V01 vetro naturale
  • V02 vetro bronzo

The door can be personalized with a decorative trim. Trim finish:

  • C40 foglia argento
  • C46 foglia argento tortora
  • C47 foglia argento champagne
  • C56 foglia oro tortora
  • C50 foglia oro
  • C67 foglia argento ossido rosato

Available handles (large - medium - small)

  • Hera model
  • Epoque model
  • Suite model

 Handles are available with the same finish of the doors.

Handles gilt finishes:

  • c40 foglia argento 
  • C46 foglia argento tortora
  • C47 foglia argento champagne
  • C56 foglia oro tortora
  • C50 foglia oro
  • C67 foglia argento ossido rosato

Handles gilt finishes except Hera handle:

  • G01 cromo satinato
  • G02 canna di fucile

Handles are decorative only. Opening system of base units and tall units are with push pull and opening drawers systems are with tip matic.

Binding handles:

  • Invisible handle - some units are available with an invisible handle. This units are: corner units, dishwasher, door, pull out sink units.
  • Prehensile handle - some units are available with a real open handle. This units are: refrigerator and pull out tall units. It's possible add this kind of handles in other units if necessary.

Classical environments to be looked at, to be desired....when elegance dresses your home.

Please contact us for customized solution.
Our interior designer are always on your disposal to give you ideas and suggestions to help you furnishing your kitchen with style.


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