Shipment and delivery

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Transport, delivery and installation

The seller delivers products both in Italy and abroad to the postal address provided by the customer in the order form.

Goods are authorized for shipment only upon payment. Once the goods are delivered, properly packaged, to the carrier, the seller is no longer responsible for any transportation damages or loss.

The carrier notifies the customer one day before delivery to make arrangements regarding the delivery date and time slot. Shipments are carried out by specialized furniture and furnishing transporters to ensure the quality and professionalism of the service and the integrity of the products.

Shipments of small packages, hardware, or replacements can also be made using express couriers.

Shipments are made with All Risk insurance coverage, with a deductible.

The standard shipping service is exclusively a street level delivery service: the order is delivered in front of the address provided, at the curb, and does not include porter service, pick-up, or disposal of used items.

Standard street level delivery takes place in front of the residence, at the point nearest to the entrance where the courier's vehicle can legally park. The customer is required to collaborate with the courier in unloading the packages, which the driver will hand directly to them from the courier's vehicle.

In the case of shipments of bulky goods or numerous packages, the customer must make arrangements to receive the goods by providing additional individuals as needed for unloading.

It will be the customer's responsibility to take care of the furniture transfer to their residence and its assembly.

Upon request and after acceptance of the quote, subject to the customer's technical feasibility check (access routes and staircase width), it is possible to arrange delivery to the floor: the order is delivered inside the residence, and porter service is included.


Upon request and after acceptance of the quote, it is possible to request the pick-up and disposal of packaging materials. 

Upon request and after acceptance of the quote, installation services can be arranged.

The customer may choose to pick up the ordered products directly from the seller's warehouse located in Seregno (MB), Via della Boschina 3, by prior written agreement.

Production and delivery time

The delivery times may vary depending on the requested item and the estimated production and management times provided by the manufacturing companies. We are available to provide the estimated timeframes for each product in advance.

The production times start from the receipt of payment, and the provided estimate is based on the timeframes from previous supplies.

For orders containing multiple pieces of furniture from different manufacturers, the total production time for the entire order corresponds to the product with the longest lead time. The shipment will be carried out as a single delivery for all the furniture items ordered.

The majority of our products are highly customizable, and each item is made to order for the customer. In general, the production period typically takes an average of about 8 weeks.

The selling company is committed to consistently meet the estimated timeframes but cannot be held responsible for any delays beyond its control, such as production delays, shipping delays, or those related to holidays.

The selling company considers itself exempt from any responsibility in case of delayed delivery when the delay is due to force majeure. In cases of force majeure and/or fortuitous events, the execution of the order is suspended, regardless of the stage it has reached.

In addition to the cases of force majeure as defined by the law, the following cases are also considered: transportation strikes, telecommunication disruptions, internal or external strikes at the manufacturing company, government, regulatory, or legal restrictions, computer malfunctions, network failures, and blackouts.

The indicated timeframes do not account for service interruptions resulting from weather events (snowstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones, tidal waves, typhoons), natural disasters (floods, landslides, avalanches, earthquakes), health emergencies (national health crises, pandemics), and other "human" events of an exceptional nature (strikes, demonstrations, riots, civil war, curfews). Service interruptions caused by the described events will suspend the delivery deadlines outlined in these terms and conditions.

In addition to production times, shipping times should be considered, which vary depending on the destination. On average, it takes 2 weeks for deliveries in Italy and Europe (4-6+ weeks for non-EU deliveries). The estimated delivery date for the order will be communicated via email, and our customer service is always available to provide information on the order's status.

It's important to keep in mind that during the periods around the Christmas holidays and the summer closure in August, there may be production and delivery delays. Even a minor unexpected delay around closures could lead to the delivery being postponed upon return from the closure.

Receiving istruction

At the time of delivery, before signing the receipt of the package, the customer must check:

- that the number of packages matches the one indicated on the invoice (located on one of the packages in a transparent envelope). If there are missing packages, it is necessary to note on the transport document the "reservation for missing package/packages";

- that the packaging is intact, not wet, or damaged (in this case, it is necessary to check the contents of the package). We recommend, in this case, to take photographs of the packages at the time of unloading.

When opening the packages, we recommend not using scissors, blades, or box cutters that could easily damage the product. Such damages will not be covered by the warranty, as they are considered recognizable signs.

If you don't have the time or opportunity to open the packages with the carrier, we recommend adding the following statement to the delivery document: "Reservation for possible hidden damage, as we were unable to check the contents of the packaging."
Without this notice, it won't be possible to claim compensation for any damages.

This generic reservation partially protects against any hidden damages. If, when opening the packages, damages are found, in this case, within 3 days from receiving the goods, you should follow up on the reservation mentioned in the transport document by sending an email to with photographic documentation and details of the damages, along with the damaged packaging. Therefore, we recommend not disposing of the packaging until the inspection is complete. Once the report is submitted, a claim will be opened with the carrier or its representative to assess the extent of the damage and its cause. Claims submitted after the three-day period will not be accepted.

The seller must receive feedback regarding any damages within 48/72 hours of receipt. Otherwise, the insurance may legitimately refuse to cover any damages.

If the carrier does not accept the receipt with a reservation, we recommend not accepting the parcels.

In the event of damaged or inadequate packaging (cracked, ruined, deteriorated, broken, wet, crushed, damaged, tampered with, or destroyed packaging), the customer can choose not to accept the parcel or specify detailed and dated reservations on the transport document.

Once you have finished unloading, please send us an email with the list of parcels indicated in the delivery note and photos of the damaged items. This will allow us to initiate a claim with the insurance company and order the damaged items, which will be delivered within the normal production lead times.

In the case of items with manufacturing defects or the absence of small components, handles, or hardware, we will promptly send the necessary items at no additional cost.

If the customer is absent at the time of delivery, the merchandise is stored in the carrier's warehouse, and the status of storage is initiated. The customer must make new arrangements with the carrier. In the event of non-collection within the time frame set by the carrier, the products are returned to the seller. In this case, the customer is not entitled to any refund, and the return costs are borne by the customer.

It is recommended to keep the original packaging until the assembly is completed.

Shipping costs

The shipping costs are calculated directly on the purchase form based on the delivery location and the packaging volume.

In Italy, standard street level delivery is free for orders over €1,400. This excludes historic city centers and pedestrian zones where truck access is not allowed, construction sites, and minor Italian islands, except for Sicily and Sardinia. In these cases, it is necessary to request a quote before making the purchase.

In Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Spain, standard street level delivery is free for orders over €1,800. This excludes historic city centers and pedestrian zones where truck access is not allowed, construction sites, and islands. In these cases, it is necessary to request a quote before making the purchase.

The customer is required to specify any access issues at the provided address.

For addresses that require the use of vehicles shorter than 12 meters due to road restrictions or objective size limitations, special vehicles may be required.

In cases where the use of special vehicles becomes necessary, we always strive to avoid charging customers specific additional costs. However, in certain circumstances, it may be unavoidable.

In these cases, it is not possible to cancel orders that are already in production. If an order in production requires an additional fee for delivery to a special location or the use of special vehicles, the options available to the customer are to either pay the extra fee or provide an alternative delivery address outside of the special location.

Additional costs may apply for deliveries to areas that can be considered as "construction sites or sites under development" and for smaller islands.

In such situations, it is essential to inform us in advance about the specific conditions of the destination location before the order enters the production phase.

This will allow us to confirm the technical feasibility of the delivery and assess any additional costs.

Shipments outside the EU

For deliveries outside the European Union, Italian VAT is deducted from the total amount.

There may be local taxes or duties based on the customs regulations of the destination country, which are beyond our control.

Therefore, shipping costs outside of the European Union do not include customs duties and fees, which are charged by the carrier upon delivery of the goods or during the shipping process.

We recommend consulting the relevant local authorities for information on import taxes or any additional fees.

In the case of shipments to Switzerland, the cost of customs clearance by Italian customs will be included in the total cost. The cost of Swiss customs will be requested by the carrier at the time of delivery or during the shipment.

For shipments to the UK, you will need to provide an EORI code when placing your order to facilitate the customs procedure.

For shipments to the rest of the world, a custom quote will be provided.

Pick-up at our warehouse

You can pick up the purchased products directly from our warehouse located in Seregno (MB), Via della Boschina, 3, upon prior written agreement.

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